In The Woods

by GT



What happens when you cut school and take a shortcut through the woods?

How about when you are using the throne and encounter a spider?

We find the answers to these riddles and more on 'In The Woods'.


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released October 29, 2013

He Lives No More
Written and Performed by: Scot Hengeveld

He Did It In The Woods
Written by: Scot Hengeveld
Intro Written and Performed by: David Hengeveld
Intro Effects by: Scot Hengeveld

Produced By: Stupid Studios



all rights reserved


GT Allentown, Pennsylvania

"... committed to crafting quality, rocking music..." - Louder Than Hell 02/15/2013

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Track Name: He Lives No More
There was a spider
On my bathroom floor
He was once alive
Now he lives no more
He terrified the wife
He scared the kids

I spotted him one morning he thought he was smart
He would freeze in his tracks with every move I would start
I let him pass by he thought he was free
Till I snuck up on him and let my foot give him the squeeze

There was a spider
On my bathroom floor
He was once alive
Now he lives no more

So let that be a warning to all of you bugs
Come into my house and be greeted by thugs
Best to stay outside where you belong
Or your days will be numbered but not for too long
Track Name: He Did It In The Woods
Mary had a little lamb
I read it in a book
It followed her to school one day
Which was against the rules
It's a good thing that she went
To learn her P's and Q's
Or else she might have seen
The nasty thing that I saw

I can't believe the sight I saw
Still can't trust my eyes
I guess it's true when they say
They do it in the woods
He was big he was dark
He was friggin tall
He turned and looked straight through me
In the middle of natures call

I never did think much about it
Now I think I should
Since the day I walked up on him
Doing it in the woods
It was fresh it was moist
It stuck fast to my shoe
I couldn't run no place to hide
I smelled like sloppy stinky poo

I wish I did what Mary did
I should have went to school
I could have followed her example
And learned my P's and Q's
But instead I strayed that day
I thought that I was cool
I lay here helpless on the ground
Praying hard he doesn't fart

You better do what Mary did
And keep your ass in school
Or you may end up like me
Sitting on natures stool
I don't think you have to ask why
The truth has been revealed
Yes they do it in the woods
I found out first hand