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Due to the unfortunate events at Sandy Hook Elementary School GT has decided to Pre-Release a song from the upcoming Mini EP!

I decided to release the track to bring awareness, sympathy and support to the families and victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Recent coverage of the tragedy has unveiled many disturbing facts about the media, the gun laws in the U.S. and the use of certain drugs used for treatment of mental patients.

Unfortunately, bad news sells and a dying media desperate for ratings will report just about anything, factual or not, just to be first.

Please remember the victims of this tragic event as you listen to the song remembering that as bad as these events are it is just as important to get the facts straight without fluff, hype or promoting an agenda.

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As always, Thank You for Your Support!

God Bless the families and victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.

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Twelve kids dead
on the playground
Another twelve
in the classroom
The shooter strikes
another victim
A loaded gun
ensures him of his destiny

Then the news
keeps flashing the pictures
Of blood and gore
As parents watch
horrific events
Oh my God
what is this world coming to

Then a mere
twelve minutes later
The media
in all of their wisdom
after-school specials
All about
the deadly tragedy

They run around
All the folks
involved in the shooting
As little John
watches fixated
Gonna go
and get Mamma's gun

I don't know
which one of them is worse
Little John
or the media that made him
Let's blame the gun
it's all that we have left
Since we have
all lost our sanity

It's so sad
how all the news channels
Keep reporting
the wrong information
All for the sake
of an agenda
Just to make ...

Just so you ...

Why don't you ...

They just want you to believe

- - - - - - - - - - -


released December 24, 2012
- - - - - - - - - - -

Written and Performed by: Scot Hengeveld



all rights reserved


GT Allentown, Pennsylvania

"... committed to crafting quality, rocking music..." - Louder Than Hell 02/15/2013

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